Epilepsies and other neurological conditions
Epilepsies and other neurological conditions
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Oral Cannabidiol
Epilepsies & other neurological indications


Epilepsies & other neurological indications

Therapeutic candidate designed to unlock the validated efficacy of cannabidiol (CBD). Derived from the Glyph platform, LYT-310 offers oral dosing and the potential for improved tolerability, which could expand the therapeutic application of CBD across a wider range of age groups and indications, including both rare and more common forms of epilepsy and other neurological indications.

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1 The FDA and corresponding regulatory authorities will ultimately review our clinical results and determine whether our wholly-owned therapeutic candidates are safe and effective. No regulatory agency has made any such determination that LYT-310 is safe or effective for use by the general public for any indication.

Epilepsies and other neurological conditions

LYT-310, an oral form of cannabidiol (CBD), is being advanced for the potential treatment of epilepsies and other neurological indications. Like LYT-300, we developed LYT-310 using our Glyph™ platform, which harnesses the body’s natural lipid absorption and transport process to enable the oral administration of certain therapeutics that otherwise have poor oral bioavailability.
  • Key Points of Innovation & Differentiation
    • We are developing LYT-310 to offer improved oral dosing and tolerability of CBD. A CBD-based product has received regulatory approval in the United States and Europe to treat seizures resulting from certain rare conditions, but it requires a large volume of a sesame oil-based formulation, which limits its use in broader indications and age groups. LYT-310 could expand the therapeutic application of CBD across a wider range of age groups and indications, including both rare and more common forms of epilepsy and other central nervous system disorders. LYT-310 is designed to:
      • enable oral administration in a capsule or other patient-friendly method of administration;
      • expand the use of CBD into a broad range of therapeutic areas and patient populations (such as adolescents and adults) where higher doses are required to achieve a therapeutic effect;
      • potentially improve safety and reduce gastrointestinal (GI) tract side effects that are associated with the currently approved CBD-based treatment by reduce GI and liver exposure; and
      • allow for a readily scalable, consistent product in a cost-effective manner.
    • Our Glyph platform reversibly links a drug to a dietary fat molecule, creating a novel prodrug. The linked fat molecule re-routes the drug’s normal path to the systemic circulation, bypassing the liver and instead moving from the gut into the lymphatic vessels that normally process dietary fats. We believe this technology has the potential to provide a broadly applicable means of enhancing the bioavailability of certain orally administered drugs that would otherwise be limited by first-pass liver metabolism.
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