We are dedicated to changing the treatment landscape for patients with devastating diseases

Strong track record of clinical success, outperforming the biopharma industry average by 6x1

therapeutics and therapeutic candidates invented at PureTech, advanced internally or via partners
are clinical stage

granted FDA clearance &
EU marketing authorization

soon filing for
FDA approval

Unlocking the Potential of Validated Efficacy

We do this by enhancing on-target efficacy, enabling oral administration or improving tolerability to unlock new classes of medicine

Our network of scientific collaborators enables us to identify or co-invent key intellectual property before it's published in major journals

Seasoned Senior Leadership

Our team oversaw R&D of therapeutics supporting 26 regulatory approvals and served in the C-suite of companies acquired for more than $14B in aggregate

  Press Releases

Press releases
PureTech Health and Royalty Pharma Enter into KarXT Royalty Agreement for up to $500 Million
Press releases
PureTech Founded Entity Karuna Therapeutics Announces Positive Results from Phase 3 EMERGENT-3 Trial of KarXT in Schizophrenia
Press releases
PureTech to Present at the Barclays Global Healthcare Conference
1Clinical success is measured as the probability of transition success from Phase 1 to regulatory filing. PureTech’s probability is 47%, and the industry average is 8%. The cumulative percentages are calculated by multiplying the individual phase percentages. Industry average data measures the probability of clinical trial success of therapeutics by calculating the number of programs progressing to the next phase vs. the number progressing and suspended (Phase 1=52%, Phase 2=29%, Phase 3=58%). BIO, PharmaIntelligence, QLS (2021) Clinical Development Success Rates 2011 – 2020. This report did not include therapeutics regulated as devices. PureTech average data measures aggregate percentages including all therapeutic candidates advanced through at least Phase 1 by PureTech or its Founded Entities from 2009 onward, using the aforementioned calculation method based on the following individual phase percentages, Phase 1 (n = 6/8; 75%), Phase 2 (n = 10/12; 83%), Phase 3 (n = 3/4; 75%), last updated on August 8, 2022; Phase 2 and Phase 3 percentages include some therapeutic candidates where Phase 1 trials were not conducted by PureTech or its Founded Entities (i) due to the requirements of the medical device regulatory pathway or (ii) because a prior Phase 1 trial was conducted by a third party, which Phase 1 trials were not included in this analysis.