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Our goal is to improve and extend the lives of patients

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Publications -2018-03-23
PureTech's Lymphatic Leap
Publications -2017-09-19
Gamma Delta T Cells Support Pancreatic Oncogenesis by Restraining αβ T Cell Activation

CD4(+) T regulatory cells (T(regs)), which express the Foxp3 transcription factor, play a critical role in the maintenance of immune homeostasis. Here, we show that in mice, T(regs) were most abundant in the colonic mucosa.

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Publications -2017-09-19
Science: The Gut’s Clostridium Cocktail
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PureTech’s Vedanta Biosciences Announces Initiation of a Phase 2 Study for Lead Product Candidate, VE303


PureTech’s Chief of Research and Strategy Eric Elenko to participate in plenary panel debate, “Is Convergence Driving Investment Syndicates?” at Genesis 2018 in London on December 13, 2018
Press releases
Bristol-Myers Squibb and PureTech’s Vedanta Biosciences Announce New Immuno-Oncology Collaboration to Evaluate OPDIVO® (nivolumab) and VE800 in Patients with Advanced or Metastatic Cancers