PureTech News
Events 2017-11-17
PureTech’s CEO Daphne Zohar to present in keynote session at CNS Summit 2017 on November 17, 2017, plus Akili’s Eddie Martucci and Adam Gazzaley also to present at conference
Events 2017-11-08
PureTech's Senior Associate, James Mutamba, presents on Commense Health and The Critical Role of the Early Microbiome in Childhood Health and Development at Microbiome World Congress Americas in Washington, DC.
Events 2017-10-23
PureTech’s Jim Harper Presents on Sonde Health and Affective Computing in Action at ACII 2017 in San Antonio, TX
Events 2017-10-05
PureTech's Chief of Research & Strategy, Eric Elenko, presents on "Digital Medicine & The Promise of Closed Loop Systems" at DIGIMED2017
Events 2017-09-26
PureTech’s CEO, Daphne Zohar, to judge at the Xconomy Awards gala at Biotech Week in Boston, MA.
Events 2017-09-14
PureTech Health’s President and Chief of Business & Strategy, Bharatt Chowrira, speaks at RARE Partnering & Investor Forum in Irvine, CA.
Events 2017-07-19
PureTech’s CEO, Daphne Zohar, speaks on panel titled “Cultivating Innovation in Today’s Biopharma Environment” at the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association event in Cambridge, MA.
Events 2017-07-18
PureTech’s President & Chief of Business & Strategy, Bharatt Chowrira, speaks on panel at Shire’s Event, “Rare in Kendall Square: Collaborating to Advance Innovation in Rare Disease” in Cambridge, MA.
Events 2017-06-27
Vedanta Biosciences’ CSO, Bruce Roberts, to act as chairperson for the Microbiome Drug Development Summit in Boston, MA.
Events 2017-06-21
Akili Interactive Labs’ Chief Commercial Officer, LeRoux Jooste, speaks on panel titled “Case Studies: From User Engagement to Outcomes” at the Cowen & Company FutureHealth Conference in San Francisco.