Oral Administration of Biologics – Novel Hydrogel


GI System

Oral Administration of Biologics – Novel Hydrogel
Metabolic Disorders, IBD

GI System

Oral Administration of Biologics – Novel Hydrogel
INDICATION(S):Metabolic Disorders, IBD
NAME:Entrega (73.9%*)
Novel hydrogel for oral delivery of biologics

Entrega is focused on the oral delivery of biologics, vaccines, and other drugs that are otherwise not efficiently absorbed when taken orally. The vast majority of biologic drugs (including peptides, proteins and other macromolecules) are currently administered by injection, which can present challenges for healthcare delivery and compliance with treatment regimes. Oral administration thus represents an ideal delivery approach for this increasingly large class of therapies reshaping many areas of medicine, including the treatment of diabetes.

  • Patient Need & Market Potential
    • The total global biologics market could be close to $400 billion by 2025.
    • Injectable formulations can be limited in their therapeutic potential as a result of issues with compliance, and they can be difficult and potentially unsafe to deliver to patients.
  • Our Approach to Solving the Problem
    • We designed our platform technology to enable oral delivery of biologics, vaccines and other forms of medication that are not efficient in reaching the bloodstream when taken orally.
  • Intellectual Property
    • We have broad intellectual property coverage worldwide, including 14 patent applications in 6 families of patent filings.
    • Our patent portfolio covers oral drug devices, drug formulations, and compositions of matter, methods of use and methods of making hydrogel devices for delivery of active agents.
  • Team
    • Our team is comprised of experts in drug formulation and drug delivery engineering.


    • Key advisors include:

      Dr. Robert Langer, Non-Executive Director at PureTech Health  known for his groundbreaking discoveries in the fields of polymer chemistry, controlled drug delivery, and tissue engineering;

      Dr. Colin Gardner, former CSO of Transform Pharmaceuticals, former SVP of Research and Site Head at Johnson & Johnson, and former VP of Pharma R & D at Merck;

      Dr. Samir Mitragotri, Professor of Chemical Engineering at UC Santa Barbara;

      Mr. Rob Armstrong, CEO at Boston Pharmaceuticals and former VP, Global External R&D at Eli Lilly;  and Mr. Howie Rosen, former President of ALZA Corporation
  • Collaborations
    • We received $5 million in equity and research funding from Eli Lilly to investigate the application of our peptide delivery technology to certain Lilly products and therapeutic candidates.
  • Milestones Achieved
    • We have generated proof-of-concept data demonstrating successful delivery of peptides in large animals.

Our technology platform is an innovative approach to oral delivery which uses a proprietary, customizable hydrogel dosage form to control local fluid microenvironments in the GI tract to both enhance absorption and reduce the variability of drug exposure. To validate our technology, we generated proof-of-concept data demonstrating delivery of therapeutic peptides into the bloodstream of large animals.