Our Programs

Created from scratch by us.

All of our programs are created by starting with a problem and identifying innovative approaches to addressing it. We are focused on the cutting edge of new science and innovation, and aim to be several years ahead of prevailing trends. View our Pipeline

Valley of Life

The Valley of Life is dedicated to developing life-saving medical treatments by enabling leading not-for-profits to invest alongside strategic and financial investors to achieve both mission-driven and financial goals. Launched by PureTech, the Valley of Life will tackle the biomedical “valley of death” head on through proactive entrepreneurship, systematically creating and funding high-impact companies focused on advancing medical breakthroughs toward commercialization. At a time when basic biomedical innovation is flourishing but funding is plummeting, translational and entrepreneurial efforts such as this will be critical to impacting health outcomes.

A New Philanthropic Partnership to Maximize Impact on Cures.

T1D Innovations

T1D Innovations is a Valley of Life Company, committed to creating innovative companies that will significantly impact the lives of patients with type 1 diabetes. Together with its mission and strategic partners (see T1DI website), T1D Innovation’s proactive approach to company creation, represents a novel and promising model for the conceptualization, translation and commercialization of type 1 diabetes technologies.

A New Philanthropic Partnership to Maximize Impact on Cures.