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Publications 2018-04-04
Towards an arthritis flare-responsive drug delivery system

Local delivery of therapeutics for the treatment of inflammatory arthritis (IA) is limited by short intra-articular half-lives. Since IA severity often fluctuates over time, a local drug delivery method that titrates drug release to arthritis activity would represent an attractive paradigm in IA therapy. Here we report the development of a hydrogel platform that exhibits disassembly and drug release controlled by the concentration of enzymes expressed during arthritis flares. 


Publications 2018-03-23
PureTech's Lymphatic Leap

PureTech Health plc is launching a new branch of inquiry into the lymphatic system following discoveries that the network extends into the brain and could be used to deliver immunotherapies directly to tissues.


Publications 2017-10-20
Intestinal inflammation induced by oral bacteria

Numerous microorganisms, including bacteria, colonize the intestine where they play important roles in maintaining homeostasis. However, commensal bacteria with pathogenic potential, such as Helicobacter hepaticus, can also induce intestinal inflammation. Cross-talk between gut microbiota and the host immune system can prevent or mediate chronic intestinal inflammation, the outcome of which depends on gut microbiota composition, immune response, host genetic factors, and how these factors interact (12). 


Publications 2017-09-19
Gamma Delta T Cells Support Pancreatic Oncogenesis by Restraining αβ T Cell Activation

CD4(+) T regulatory cells (T(regs)), which express the Foxp3 transcription factor, play a critical role in the maintenance of immune homeostasis. Here, we show that in mice, T(regs) were most abundant in the colonic mucosa.

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Publications 2017-09-19
The Gut’s Clostridium Cocktail

Specific components of the microbiota—the microorganisms that normally colonize the body—can affect disease progression in mouse models of arthritis, central nervous system inflammation, diabetes, intestinal inflammation, and obesity.

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Publications 2017-06-19
Satiety and Glycemic Control-Enhancing properties of Gelesis100 presented at American Diabetes Association

The importance of fruits, vegetables, and wholegrains as part of a healthy diet is well documented, in part because of their abundance of naturally occurring dietary fibers.


Publications 2017-06-01
Video game training enhances cognitive control in older adults

Cognitive controlis defined by a set of neural processes that allow us to interact with our complex environment in a goal-directed manner.


Publications 2017-05-17
Satiety, Weight Loss, and Glycemic Control-Enhancing properties of Gelesis200 presented at European Congress on Obesity
Publications 2017-05-16
Pretreatment Fasting Glucose Determines Weight Loss on Mediterranean Diets presented at American Diabetes Association
Publications 2017-05-16
Pretreatment Fasting Glucose and Insulin Determine Weight Loss on New Nordic Diet presented at American Diabetes Association