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Publications -2017-09-19
Gamma Delta T Cells Support Pancreatic Oncogenesis by Restraining αβ T Cell Activation

CD4(+) T regulatory cells (T(regs)), which express the Foxp3 transcription factor, play a critical role in the maintenance of immune homeostasis. Here, we show that in mice, T(regs) were most abundant in the colonic mucosa.

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Publications -2017-09-19
The Gut’s Clostridium Cocktail

Specific components of the microbiota—the microorganisms that normally colonize the body—can affect disease progression in mouse models of arthritis, central nervous system inflammation, diabetes, intestinal inflammation, and obesity.

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Publications -2017-06-01
Video game training enhances cognitive control in older adults

Cognitive controlis defined by a set of neural processes that allow us to interact with our complex environment in a goal-directed manner.


Press Releases
Press Release - 2018-01-03
Selective mTORC1 Inhibitors
PureTech Health Affiliate resTORbio Adds Lynne Sullivan, Biogen Senior Vice President, to Board of Directors

PureTech Health plc (LSE: PRTC), an advanced, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, is pleased to note that resTORbio, an affiliate of PureTech Health, today announced that Lynne Sullivan, Senior Vice President of Finance for Biogen, Inc., has joined the resTORbio board of directors as an independent director.

Media Coverage
Media Coverage - 2017-12-18
Cognitive Interference Processing
Start-up programs video games that could be prescribed as medicine

Akili, a Boston-based tech company, hopes to one day have doctors prescribe their video games to help treat cognitive and neurological conditions, CNBC’s Meg Tirrell reports.


Events - 2017-11-17
PureTech’s CEO Daphne Zohar to present in keynote session at CNS Summit 2017 on November 17, 2017, plus Akili’s Eddie Martucci and Adam Gazzaley also to present at conference
Publications - 2017-10-20
Microbiome-Derived Immune Modulators
Intestinal inflammation induced by oral bacteria

Numerous microorganisms, including bacteria, colonize the intestine where they play important roles in maintaining homeostasis. However, commensal bacteria with pathogenic potential, such as Helicobacter hepaticus, can also induce intestinal inflammation. Cross-talk between gut microbiota and the host immune system can prevent or mediate chronic intestinal inflammation, the outcome of which depends on gut microbiota composition, immune response, host genetic factors, and how these factors interact (12). 


Latest Science: Brain-Immune-Gut Axis
Latest Science: Brain-Immune-Gut Axis - 2017-11-21
Sympathetic neuron–associated macrophages contribute to obesity by importing and metabolizing norepinephrine, Nature Medicine


Exploring the Brain Immune Gut Interface

Targeting serious diseases caused by dysfunctions in the brain-immune-gut axis

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