Focus Areas

The adaptive human systems

PureTech Health is at the forefront of incorporating emerging disease knowledge and cutting-edge technologies into new therapeutic and diagnostic programs that are focused on chronic diseases. The Company has strategically centered its efforts around the biological processes associated with the nervous, gastrointestinal, and immune systems, as these together represent the major adaptive systems responsible for interacting with the environment and are frequently implicated in serious chronic disease. PureTech Health seeks diagnostic and treatment solutions without bias to either therapeutic precedent or therapeutic modality, and the team is guided by a network of the world’s leading scientists.

The success of this approach is exemplified by the Company’s pipeline, which is rich in both the diversity of interventional modalities as well as the range of disease indications. PureTech Health has established a solid track record of recognizing key advances in technology and landmark discoveries, ranging from digital conditioning of neural circuits to regulation of the immune system by rationally-designed commensal bacteria. The knowledge accumulated from this exciting array of interrelated technology programs is informing and enabling ongoing earlier concept and discovery stage programs that represent the next waves of PureTech Health innovations.