Giving Life to Science®

PureTech is problem-focused and solution-agnostic, looking beyond traditional disciplines and approaching healthcare problems from different perspectives. Focusing on areas of significant unmet medical need, PureTech evaluates and tests on average, 650 ideas per year and selects only the most scientifically and commercially promising concepts to advance.

A new era in health; a cross-disciplinary healthcare company.

1 Identify problem & assemble leading experts

Proactively identify thematic areas of unmet need and assemble advisory team

Identify problem

2 Tackle problem & source technologies

Work with leading scientists to deconstruct problems and review broad landscape of opportunities

Identify problem

3 Create & nurture new operating company

In-license IP and invent new IP. Form and manage new operating company and conduct initial derisking experiments and/or royalties

Identify problem

4 Technology validation

Develop key assets, publish peer-reviewed articles, create prototypes, run preclinical and clinical experiments.

Identify problem

5 Move products to patients & consumers

Grow company and commercialise assets through Ii censi ng deals, product launches, public offerings and/or royalties

Identify problem
Concept Phase
Project Phase
Growth Phase