Giving Life to Science®

PureTech’s businesses originate from a systematic and rigorous theme-driven process, including an unbiased analysis of more than 650 scientific discoveries per year. This process has resulted in an advanced pipeline of seven growth stage businesses, five project phase businesses and 10 concept phase initiatives.

How PureTech aims to build value.

Growth stage

Focused on developing and launching innovative therapeutics in billion dollar markets. PureTech Board of Directors approval required to advance programs to this stage and funding allocation based upon the operating plan, potential value inflection milestones and budget. These businesses are nearing the point of potentially generating revenues, whether from partnerships, products sales, or sale of entire business or product lines.

Project phase

De-risking programs by conducting key experiments to either shut down the program or drive value. Project phase is typically led by PureTech management team and at least one member of the PureTech Board of Directors. Programs are housed in independent initiatives to align management incentives & enable flexibility going forward. Approximately $2 million spent per initiative at this phase.

Concept phase

Discovering the most promising breakthroughs through a theme-driven process involving leading domain experts in addition to the PureTech Scientific Advisory Board. Repeating academic work, filing and licensing IP. Approximately $350,000 per initiative spent at this phase.