What does an innovative biopharmaceutical company look like?

PureTech is at the forefront of innovation. Using an unbiased and cross-disciplinary approach, PureTech sets out to identify and solve some of the largest health issues today. PureTech is not constricted by a particular scientific bias or technology. A boundless innovation philosophy coupled with strict capital discipline allows the Company the freedom to tackle issues in the most promising way. The outcomes are new therapeutics and modalities that will potentially lead to the safe and efficacious treatment of millions of patients. These transformative technologies are clearly demonstrated in the Company’s programs, including an advanced pipeline that contains significant catalysts in 2017.

Advanced pipeline

Innovative medicines – poised to have a major impact on patients and healthcare – rapidly approaching key value-driving milestones

Disciplined and aligned with shareholders

Pipeline and operations structured to maximise shareholder value with strict stage-gated funding and optionality to spin out programmes to offset funding needs

Unbiased and data-driven

Following the science to de-risk ideas without an institutional bias to continue a programme

Boundless innovation

With a blank slate, working with the world’s leading experts to identify the most promising solutions to big problems affecting the brain, gut and immune system